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True Story? Not Sure.

We often call India ‘A developing country’ but is it really? We often get confused in ‘A developed country’ and ‘A developing country’ Maybe, the reason is quite clear. India, where even dreams are not free. Where dreams gets suppressed for many reasons. That’s why we lack behind in every manner, in cultures, in education and many more…This article/story is of one boy who suffers from this type of situation.

"Rohan, seventeen (17) year old boy, who just completed his Higher Education (Class 10+2) and was waiting for his results. His parents were very curious about his future education like every parents. And they have every right to be curious as they were his parents. Rohan was still waiting for the results, though he was a science student, he was really interested in reading and writing.

As the day passes, his parents started asking him about the future studies or probably I would say they started asking “What he want to be in future?” The question was really simple. But only Rohan knows how difficult it was to answer. He wanted to study ‘Literature’. He was thinking, thinking and just thinking..(maybe he was frightened) And one day, his parents told him that he should be an Architect. It means they want him to be an Architect. And it was final decision, no questions asked, he was forced to be an Architect. Rohan was broke (Not physically but mentally for sure) And it was insane.

And the results were out! He secured good rank and it was time for further admission. He was still frightened, can’t concentrate on anything. Lost somewhere. Alone. At last, he applied for Architecture though he didn’t wanted to. Just because his parents told him to do so. 

(You may have remembered ‘Farhan’ from the movie ‘3 idiots’ after reading this. So far as we all know, he succeeded to convince his parents about his passion. But many ‘Farhan’ are still out there, scared)

So, who was wrong? Rohan? or his parents? ‘Rohan, because he didn’t had guts to talk about his passion’ or ‘His parents, who were surely thinking about his bright future…yeah maybe by ruining his dream’ This is difficult to answer but it’s a fact. 

(I came across one very strange yet lucid question. It was from a book “The Habit Of Winning” by ‘Prakash Iyer’. The answer is up to you..)

Question: When a ten-year-old is fond of reading and can bowl a cricket ball reasonably quick but is weak at mathematics, what do we do? We send him to maths tuition, not to a class for writing skills or cricket coaching sessions. Why?



Birthday: A Short Story

Normal day! Normal life! It was a beautiful day! Sun-rays was poking through my bedroom window and was making their way directly on my face.

And here I was! Laying in my bed, probably sleeping, bewildered by the last night hangout and most certain annoyed by those sun-rays which was poking like a porcupine. Only because of those long, sharp, erectile sun-rays, my eyes opened just as I would say about 10%. Finally I woke up, standing in front of the mirror, adjusting my cloths, setting my hair style and thinking, “How I am going to spend this day?” As doing so, I looked at the calender and for the record, “It was my birthday!” I was excited and hoping a surprise from my parents.

But all my excitement bites the dust, as I saw no reaction from my parents. It was neither a weekend nor holiday so I had to rush for the college. And I got busy in day-to-day activities and side-by-side was hoping for the surprise wish from my parents. But nobody wished me, neither my dad nor my mom. I was depressed. Vexed.

Later, in college, I was hoping a surprise from my friends. But again, nobody wished me in college also. I was angry. I mean, it was my birthday and I was getting a silent treatment from everyone? Including my friends too? I was depressed, annoyed, constantly checking my mobile, secretly waiting for a call or message from my parents. “Sometimes just a message from your loved one can also be responsible to conceive smile on your face”

Meanwhile, I was giving tough look to my friends, and was really angry. And at last, one of my friend asked me,”what’s wrong with me?” That question was enough for me to take my anger out. And lastly volcano burst out, with violence and harsh words. I was fighting with my best friend on my birthday! What worse could have happen? We broke our friendship. I lost one of my best friend on the day I was born! And because of that, my other friends also stopped talking to me. They thought that I was acting weird. That was one of the longest day of life, not because it was my birthday, but because I lost some of my best friends.

I went directly to home after college because somehow I have to divert my mind from this situation. So, I started doing the worst thing of my life- Study! I thought, by studying I would easily divert my mind, but that was foolish decision maybe the worst decision. My mind was constantly focusing on that every harsh word I spoke. But I never thought that things will get out of control and would create this mess. I just wanted to be happy on my birthday. I tried to call my friend to set things as they were before but he didn’t received the call. Neither do any of my best friend. I just wanted to say ‘sorry’ to him for shouting, using harsh words. I was sad, really sad.

Meanwhile, I heard, someone shouting my name. It was my dad. He was constantly shouting, “Wake up! It’s already 9.00 am” And I opened my eyes, bloody hell, It was a dream? Is it? Yes it was! Definitely! Ultimately, a facepalm followed by the enormous expression and increase in heart-beats was the ultimate result of that situation. I checked my mobile, there was more than twenty messages from my friends and relatives wishing me for my birthday. I think I was still sleeping or maybe I was waking up! But that day I got to know the importance of ‘Friends’. You will never know unless and until you lose one. I experienced it, yet, it was just in a dream but the experience of it was little bit different.

I enjoyed that whole day with my friends and family. But that dream was still there, somewhere in my heart. Later, in night, my dad asked me, “What are you writing today?”
“My Dream!” I answered looking at the calender and focusing on my birth date.

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